About Dorenthea

Dorenthea is an author and women's conference speaker. She loves to empower women to walk into their "next", which happens to be the title of one of her books, Next: Four Steps to Get Unstuck and Walk Into Purpose. Dorenthea is a wife and mother, and knows the demands that come along with that, along with having a career and a business.  She empowers women by pointing them to the joy of walking in their purpose and pursuing their dreams that may have been at one point, forgotten. 


Along with the release of NEXT, Dorenthea also authored In the Midst of the Storm, a book she wrote during the incarceration of her husband which summarizes her extraordinary story of the struggles she faced and how God was with her during that very difficult time, as she suddenly found herself being a single mother on welfare, and eventually was evicted from her home. While she had every reason to quit, her faith kept her steady as she experienced her own storm. She passionately tells her story to groups letting them know that no matter what, quitting is NOT an option.

Dorenthea is a skilled orator who effectively navigates both secular and spiritual platforms. Her topics include :

  • Get Unstuck and Walk Into Purpose

  • The NEXT Level (Vision, Goals, Personal Development)

  • Trusting God in the Trial

  • Don't Waste Your Pain


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Thu, Sep 17
Michindoh Conference Center
Going Deeper Women's Retreat

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If you're like me, you're waiting on God for something. Whether it's to bless you with a husband, a baby, a job, or healing for your mind or body; maybe you need God to heal your marriage or prosper your ministry or business. Whatever it is you're waiting for, God wants you to know that He has not forgotten about you. 



“Dorenthea was dynamic, on target, and one with the audience. Her presentation was to the point, timely, concise, and expertly offered. She is one of the best speakers we've ever had at our conferences. Dorenthea set a great example of how to lead and her story is truly inspirational.” 


—  Martha Rushing, Butterfly Nation

     Conference Coordinator


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